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"Our passion = keeping kids healthy & happy!"
Our Vision

We are God's 'wellspring' of His unconditional love, caring & healing, for all His sick and suffering children (Patients & their Parents/Guardians) that He has given us the privilege to care and/or serve. We are always thanking and praising God for His constant guidance and support and for placing in our hearts the passion to very well care and serve all our Patients, all the time.

Our Pediatric Practice's established reputation as one of the most compassionate, caring and one of those which always provide competent, friendly & outstanding primary pediatric health care services, is a credible proof/testament to this fact.

Our Mission

To make a positive difference in the lives of all our Patients and their parents/guardians, by consistently providing them with outstanding quality primary pediatric health care services at all times.

We shall passionately pursue becoming one of the most preferred 'Primary Pediatric Healthcare & Service' Practice in the area(s) where we operate and distinguish ourselves as one of the most competent, caring, friendly and socially responsible professional business organization.

Our Core Values and Our Commitments: C-A-R-E
We are committed to employ and train highly competent and qualified Pediatricians and Support Staff as able and highly committed members of our Care-Well Pediatric Group family. We shall maintain active networks and tie-ups with top notch Pediatrics Specialists and Consultants to support and help us provide the most competent pediatric primary health care services to all our patients all the time. Continuous education and training shall be at the very core of our passion to provide the most able and competent primary pediatric health care service always.

We are committed to be fully responsible and accountable for the quality of care and services we provide all our clients/patients all the time. We shall answer to God for all His "children" He has given us the privilege to serve and care for. Fairness, Honesty and Respect shall be the hallmark of all our dealings with all our clients, employees, and all our other stakeholders always.

We are committed to be the most reliable partner to God and all our patients' parents/guardians at all times. All our service outputs shall fully embody the very essence of reliable, highly professional and dependable pediatric primary health care services always. We shall vigorously pursue and continue to employ highly effective and efficient patients' total primary-health-care and clinic/office management and operating systems/technologies, to ensure that our very high quality of care and services can be relied upon all the time.

Exemplary Service
We are committed to provide prompt, warm, friendly and highly personalized pediatric primary-health-care services all the time. We shall always endeavor to be the most clients-oriented organization that is very responsive to the ever-changing needs of all our patients/clients. It shall be our policy to give due respect and importance, treat very well and take good care of all our Care-Well Pediatric Group family members (associates/partners) who shall be the very people who will exemplify the kind of very effective, efficient, respectful, warm and friendly service all the Care-Well Pediatric Group Clinic(s) shall be noted for.

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