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Accepting all Private Insurance, Georgia & Alabama Medicaid and TRICARE.
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Insurances Accepted

We are accepting all Private Insurance such as: BCBS, Humana, United Health Care, Aetna, Cigna, etc . . .; all Georgia Medicaid (WellCare, PeachState, PeachCare, etc.); and all Tricare (Prime, Standard Plus & Standard).

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Please feel free to contact us during our clinic hours through our phone number (706-322-5526) or our email address (nena.cwp@gmail.com).

You may contact us through our answering service using the same office phone number during our lunch break or after our available office hours.

Calling Us After Hours

Although we are committed to being accessible and available for you and your kids all the time, calling us after our available office hours should be limited only to your children's urgent medical issues/concerns.

Responsible and considerate parents/guardians do not call their child's Primary Care Provider late at night (after 10pm) or during the very early hours (before 6am) in the morning for their child's long lingering medical problem and non-urgent issues/concerns like rash, congestion & the like.

Most well informed parents know that most of the time, it is not possible for the doctor to thoroughly & correctly diagnose their child's medical problem(s) over the phone and without actually physically examining the sick child.

Except for major emergency/urgent cases, rather than offer medical advice over the phone, we strongly encourage parents to call and arrange for their child to be seen at the office first hour (8:30 am) in the morning.

Because it is against the law and it is very dangerous for your child, our Care Providers do not 'call-out' medication prescriptions without first physically examining and evaluating your sick child.

Help Us with your Suggestions/Inputs

At Care-Well Pediatrics, it is our ardent desire that our patients receive exemplary service each time they visit us. Although we vigorously pursue excellence in everything we do, like everybody else, we are not perfect. We can't fix and improve if we are not aware or we don't know about our improvement needs. As your responsible partner, we earnestly solicit from our patients parents/guardians their constructive criticism and suggestions. Tell us what we could do more and how do you think we could do it better.

We will really appreciate it if you could email us at nena.cwp@gmail.com

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