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"Our passion = keeping kids healthy & happy!"
Why Our Clients Love Us
  • We only have God-fearing, Board of Pediatrics' Certified, very experienced, highly competent, most caring & friendly Pediatric Specialists' Care Providers, who continuously keep themselves well abreast with the latest development & technologies affecting the care & treatment of children ages 0 to 18 y.o.
  • Care-Well Pediatric Center is a 'just right' size pediatric practice hence, our clients get highly personalized, professional, comprehensive pediatric care/service. Our patients almost always see only one Pediatric Care Specialist of their choice, who knows their child very well and who is very familiar with all his/her medical concerns & issues.
  • Parents appreciate the fact that we always try our very best to minimize if not totally eliminate the possibility of our Patients getting contaminated while at our clinic. Aside from managing their appointment schedules, implementing adequate preventive & precautionary measures, we have separate waiting rooms for all our 'sick' and 'well' patients.
  • We have a very convenient and highly accessible office/clinic location that is closest (a short walk) to the Columbus Regional Health's Midtown Medical Center, Columbus Health Department and the WIC.
  • We schedule and see our 'sick' patients on the same day almost always.
  • Our patients' average waiting time is shorter than most pediatric practices most of the time. We regularly track and monitor the total amount of time our patients spend with us and continuously find ways to improve our processes & technologies to lessen the time of their stay, without sacrificing the overall quality of our patients' care/service.
  • We use 'combination vaccines' as much as possible, to minimize the number of shots all our Patients receive/get. We opted to sacrifice our opportunity to get more vaccine administration revenue to make sure our patients don't suffer more, unnecessarily, while getting their much needed vaccines.
  • All our Care Providers and Staff always try our best to actively listen to our patient's parents/guardians and make it easy & fast for them all the time.
  • Our clients know that we do everything with integrity and they always experience that we go out of our way to treat everyone with utmost respect, courtesy, honesty and fairness.
  • They see that our waiting rooms/lounges and examination rooms are always maintained to be child-proof, clean and sanitary. They know and see that all our well-equipped examination rooms are clean & sanitized before their child(ren) is/are roomed-in. They always see our "Being Cleaned/Sanitized" signs at our examination rooms and we continuously reassure them that we go through all lengths necessary to properly clean & sanitize or temporarily isolate a room after a patient with contagious disease or illness has finished using it.
  • When parents/guardians always see on our bulletin boards our stellar performance rating on the various regular 'site inspections' and 'medical charts records audits' conducted by Medicaid CMOs and Private Insurance Carriers, they know that aside from providing high quality child care & treatment, we are also doing an outstanding job in making sure that our facilities & amenities conform to the very strict OSHA requirements and their child(ren)'s medical records are done & kept right, well beyond what are required by all our 'Payors'.
  • We go out of our way to permanently keep/retain our employees/staff. Our clients love the familiarity of the same competent, caring & friendly Staff & Care Providers who choose to stay and be a permanent member of our Care-Well Pediatrics, LLC's team & family.
  • All our clients feel confident and experience great benefits from our entire organization's passion to provide consistent high quality care & service by implementing a "Total Quality Control".
  • We maintain a "zero tolerance for error" policy. We use practical yet very effective manual & computerized systems/processes, tools & techniques to ensure that even minor omissions & errors are greatly minimized if not totally eliminated at all times.
  • We hire & keep only the right, competent people and continuously educate, train & develop all of them. We have institutionalized 'cross- training' & 'multi-tasking' so that all our staff can ably cope and maintain our high level of quality service even when one or more staff are absent and/or on leave.
  • We regularly monitor, evaluate & assess our patients' satisfaction level 'viz-a-viz' our performance standards & processes and continuously find ways & means to improve areas where we are deficient or where we need to do better.
  • We consistently maintain documented specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bounded (SMART) performance goals & standards (covering the critical Timeliness, Quality & Cost performance indicators) and keep an up-to-date documented operational & administrative policies, systems and procedures PSP) manual to guide all our Staff and help them consistently maintain a high level of performance. We always make it a point to regularly keep all our Staff informed of how they (individually) and how we (as a team or group) are actually doing in relation to these standards and/or critical performance indicators. We also always encourage all our Staff to participate in our problem-solving processes and/or performance deviation(s) corrections.
  • We have institutionalized a highly effective 'internal control' systems/measures' to help us stay effective & efficient in everything we do including preventing wastages & losses especially on our highly valuable resources/assets.
  • As an organization, we are 'vision, mission & core-values' driven so that we always stay in integrity with what we want to be and guided by our 'Core Values', we always stay focused on what &/or how we believe we should be doing things to get there.
  • We have successfully adopted/implemented the "7S +1 (Sort, Setting in order, Sweep/Sanitize, Systematize, Standardize, Safety, Security + Sustain) Workplace Cleanliness & Safety Program" that ensures the orderliness, cleanliness, high level of sanitation, safety & security of our office/clinic facilities, amenities and surroundings all the time.
  • In keeping with our commitment to employ current modern &/or state of the art systems and processes to provide the best possible care to all our patients, we are one of the first Solo Pediatric Practice in the area to adopt a fully integrated computerized Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) system.

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