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Sick Care Visits

When your child is sick, there is nothing more important than a correct diagnosis and the appropriate prompt treatment & management of his/her disease/illness. It is during these critical times when your chosen physician's knowledge, training, wealth of experience and thoroughness come to play. Our patients' parents always appreciate our Care Providers' competence, attention to details and their passion for caring.

Today, modern medicine & technologies afford us the privilege of doing a lot to be able to treat and cure a patient's illness/disease(s). With medicine getting more and more powerful, we feel the need to exercise more caution and restraint. Diseases that are caused primarily by a virus don't respond to antibiotics. For example, we don't prescribe an antibiotic for common colds and coughing. We normally treat the symptom(s) to help alleviate the fever and/or discomforts and allow time for the body to cure/heal itself.

In caring for your sick child, following the advice or recommendation(s) given by your child's doctor is a must. In case of doubt or when you have any questions, call our clinic during office hours and seek answers/clarifications from our very experienced, well trained and friendly medical support staff.

Keeping your child's recommended 'Follow-up Visits' is very important. Don't let the current much improved condition of your child lead you to believe he/she is already alright. Never rob your child the opportunity of again seeing their doctor for their recommended re-check/follow-up to make sure that they are really cured or totally healed. Trips to the ER can be avoided or more serious conditions/complications as a result of a relapse can be prevented by keeping your child's recommended follow-up visit(s).

We maintain active networks & tie-ups only with top-notch Pediatric Specialists & Consultants. After doing everything that we can and we still believe that a Specialist' opinion &/or expertise is needed, we will refer your sick child to the most appropriate Specialist/Consultant. If you ever feel that your sick child needs a second opinion, let us know your concerns and we will facilitate his/her seeing the right Specialist. Honesty & openness from the child's responsible parents/guardians always help us facilitate timely & sound decision making and effective management & treatment of your sick child's condition.

At Care-Well Pediatrics, LLC (C-WP), we strongly believe and support a "Medical Home" approach to providing comprehensive primary health care to your child(ren) as vigorously encouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) & the US Health Department. We are a competent, reliable, & friendly primary 'Medical Care Home' to all our dear Patients until they reach 18 years old. We offer very competent pediatric primary care that is always accessible (24 x7), comprehensive, continuous, coordinated, patient & family centered, reliable and compassionate.

When you take your child to the ER or an Urgent Care facility, your child losses the advantage of familiarity & knowledge about his/her past medical history including previous illnesses, past & current medications, aggravating situations or allergies, which are very critical for the correct and effective decision making in properly & timely treating his/her illness/disease.

Check our Website or call us during office hours &/or early night time to help you manage &/or deal with your child's current illness symptoms at your home until our office is open as early as 8:30 AM, Mondays to Fridays. We would prefer that you always bring your child to our office so we could continuously be involved in effectively maintaining their total health care and well being.

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