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Scheduling Appointments
Non-Life Threatening Injuries

When your child is injured such as: a) possible broken bone, b) skin lacerations/wound that may require suturing, c) foreign body inside his/her ear, nose or eye, d) concussion and the like, we strongly urge you to immediately call us and inform our Staff that you have an emergency. We will promptly advise you to immediately bring your child to our office or instruct you to proceed to the Emergency Room (ER).

When your child is having difficulty breathing (wheezing or his/her chest is caving-in every time he/she catches his/her breath, please promptly call us early during office hours, and we will see him/her at our office/clinic. When your child has a history of asthma or breathing problem, immediately call us as soon as you realize there is such problem, so we could advise you to immediately bring him/her to our office or instruct you to proceed to the ER.

Sick Child Care Visit

Generally, we see our patients on a "appointment only" basis. Because we fully understand your dire concern to have your 'sick' child get seen by a doctor as soon as possible, please call us promptly or early (preferably before 3:30 pm) during office hours and we will always do our best to give your 'sick' child an appointment and he/she will be 'worked-in' on that very same day.

Well Child Care Visit

Well child check-up appointments usually require advance planning of about two to three weeks. As much as possible, we make every effort to schedule your child to see their preferred Primary Care Provider for their scheduled 'well-care' visits.

For newborns or infants, we strongly encourage parents to schedule their child during the first hour of our morning or afternoon session in order to as much as possible avoid exposure of their infant to sick kids who maybe in the office.

We do your child's 'well-care' check-up very thoroughly so the entire process usually takes 45 minutes to one (1) hour. For this reason, we generally don't schedule them after 3:30pm, so we could completely attend to their care needs before our office close at 5:00pm each working day.

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