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Patient's parents/guardians are ultimately responsible for their child(ren)'s health care service charges, therefore, they have to always make sure that their child(ren)'s health insurance coverage(s) is/are always active or current. Parents are obliged to provide us with the correct &/or current insurance information covering their child(ren) and for them to always bring & present their child(ren)'s insurance card each time they come to our office for care or treatment. When parents/guardians fail to give us/let us know of their child(ren)'s correct/up-to-date insurance information promptly and it was the main cause for claims denial &/or non-payment, the said liability or obligation shall be borne by the concerned parent or guardian.

Parents/Guardians are also responsible for remembering & keeping their child(ren)'s scheduled appointment(s) and to promptly let us know if there are changes in: a) their child(ren)'s health insurance carrier &/or coverage benefits, b) your contact phone numbers, & c) your mailing address. It is imperative for us to quickly & easily get in touch with you in case we need to coordinate with you your child(ren)'s care.

You are also expected to always pay your child(ren)'s 'Co-Pay' or 'Deductibles' due at each visit. You are likewise responsible for paying charges for any medical care or services charges that are not covered by your child(ren)'s insurance plan(s).

Within our office premises, you are obliged to always look after your child(ren) and make sure that they are safe and behaving responsibly and are considerate to our other clients' safety, privacy & comfort, all the time. We reserve the right to charge you for the total cost to replace &/or repair of the damage(s) that your child(ren) inflicted on our properties or assets.

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