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DOs & DON'Ts
  • Do remember and keep your child(ren)'s scheduled appointment(s). Always call us to cancel or reschedule when you can't make it at least four (4) hours before. Avoid "NO- SHOWs" so you child will not be permanently dismissed/discharged from our Practice
  • Always keep your child(ren)'s health insurance coverage active or current. Bring & present your child's current health insurance card each time you see us.
  • Do inform us or let us know in case your child's health insurance carrier or benefit has changed or every time you have a new contact phone number and/or mailing address.
  • Do call us at least a day (24 hours) before, to prepare for your following requests/requirement(s): a) Immunization Records, b) Prescription Refills, c) Head Start forms, d) EE&D form e) Sports Physical forms, f) FMLA/Other Insurance Reimbursement forms, g) Letters, Certifications/Documents. You may have to pay a nominal processing & handling fee for these records/documents that you are requesting from us.
  • Do let us know about your child's emergency condition or possible highly contagious illness, when you call us for an appointment and as soon as you arrive at our office parking lot. Although we have separate waiting rooms for 'sick' and 'well' patients, we may have to ask you & your child to stay at your vehicle and we will call you as soon as one of our isolated Examination Rooms is ready for your child.
  • Always make it a point to schedule & keep your child's doctor-recommended 'follow-up appointment' visit. Avoid the possible complications and higher risk of a relapse. Have the peace of mind in knowing that your child is fully cured or healed after they have been thoroughly re-examined/re-checked by your professionally very competent, experienced and board-certified Pediatrician.
  • Don't smoke, eat or drink while inside our office/clinic's premises. Milk-feeding your infant is the only exception. You have to step outside or do it inside your vehicle when you or any of your companion have to smoke, eat or drink beverages. We exert all efforts necessary to make our office/clinic clean, hygienic and pests-free all the time.
  • Don't use your mobile phone to call & loudly talk to another party while inside our office or clinic. Using your mobile phone to call or text is strictly prohibited inside our Examination Rooms and especially when your child's Care Provider is present. During the entire care or treatment process, your child needs your and his/her Pediatrician undivided attention with no unnecessary distraction(s).
  • Don't ever use or allow your kids to use any kind of foul or curse language while inside our office/clinic premises. Children learn very fast from what they hear or see from adults and other kids.
  • Don't allow your child(ren) to engage in shouting, horse-playing or running-around, while inside our pediatric office/clinic premises. Please teach your child/kids to be considerate and respect the safety, privacy & comfort of other clients inside our premises. We tried our best to 'child-proof ' our office and clinic to keep your child(ren safe. We shall not be responsible for any injury that your child(ren) may suffer while doing/engaging in any of these prohibited acts.
  • Don't place or leave your child's dirty diaper in any of the many very accessible trash containers inside our office/clinic . In case you need one, ask for a plastic bag where you can place and seal your child's dirty diaper and you can throw it at our 'central garbage bin' which can be easily located at our parking lot. When it is not possible for you to go to the parking lot, you can hand the sealed plastic bag to any of our Medical Assistants who will throw it at our 'central garbage bin' for you.
  • Don't leave your child unattended at anytime while inside our office/clinic premises, especially when using our rest rooms. Throwing dirty diapers, sanitary napkins or excessive paper towels inside the toilet bowl will clog it. Don't ever do these and avoid the trouble and the embarrassment you &/or your child will encounter when the toilet bowl you or your child had just used is clogged.
  • Don't throw or leave your garbage at our parking lot or allow your child to throw any litter on our premises. You can easily locate our trash containers & huge garbage bin at our parking lot where you or your child can dump/throw your unwanted litter/garbage into.
  • Don't bring more than two adults to accompany your child(ren) when getting care or treatment at our office/clinic. To avoid possible unnecessary exposure to sick patients, as much as possible, we strongly discourage you to bring any of your other children who are not seeing their Physician here. In order to minimize possible distractions, we allow only two adults, at the most, to be with the child(ren) receiving care or treatment inside our Examination Rooms.

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