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Choosing the 'Right' Pediatrician for your Child
As a responsible, concerned and caring parent, you very well know the invaluable benefits of having a very competent, caring, client-oriented, easy to deal with Pediatrician that you trust, to provide competent & reliable health care for your child. The following ten (10) critical questions are what we suggest you ask when choosing your baby's primary child care specialist:
  • Is your prospective Child Care Specialist currently a 'Board-Certified' Pediatrician by the American Board of Pediatrics?
  • How long has he/she been practicing Pediatrics in the U.S. and what does his/her record show when checked at the various professional regulatory agencies' websites such as: www.gaphysicianprofile.org?
  • Which local hospitals that specialize in children care is he/she accredited to admit &/or care for all his/her hospital in-patients?
  • Who actually answers the parents' calls about their sick child at night? Is it your child's well trained/competent and very experienced board certified Pediatrician or somebody else with much lesser education, training &/or experience?
  • Who actually sees and provides the much needed care for your child when they are admitted in the hospital? Is it your child's Pediatrician that you trust or someone else with much lesser education, training &/or experience?
  • Asking around, from your relatives, friends and even the staff at the hospital, what kind of reputation does your child's prospective Pediatrician and his/her/their office staff have?
  • How soon can your sick child be seen when you call to set-up an appointment? What about when scheduling your child's Well Check Care visits?
  • Does your child's prospective Pediatrician, easily understand and speak your language of choice? What about his/her office staff?
  • Is his/her clinic open for the most number of days in a week and for the most number of hours in a day? Do these days & hours of operation give you the flexibility and convenience that you need based on you & your child's unique needs/situations?
  • Will your child be actually seen by your same preferred Care Provider that knows your child's medical history and unique medical situation, plus the one you &/or your child are most comfortable and/or at ease with, most of the time?

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