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Cancellations & No-Shows

It is a must for parents/guardians to call and let us know every time they can not make it to their child's scheduled appointment, at least four (4) hours before. Failure to cancel or reschedule an appointment will mean a 'NO-SHOW'. Generally, two (2) consecutive 'NO-SHOWs' or a total of four (4) 'NO-SHOWs', will mean permanent expulsion or discharge from Care-Well Pediatrics, LLC.

We strongly encourage parents/guardians to as much as possible always keep their child(ren)'s scheduled appointment because a lot of the valuable resources are wasted each time a scheduled patient don't show up. To help remind our patients' parents/guardians, we always make it a point to give their 'Appointment Slip' that documents the date and time of their child's scheduled appointment. In addition, as a courtesy service, we try our best to call and remind them of their child(ren)'s scheduled appointment, the day before.

A 'No Show' penalty fee of $20.00 for Well Checks, Consultation Visits & the like, or $10.00 for Sick Care, Follow-up Care visits and the like, will be assessed/charged and paid by the parents before a new appointment for your child can be scheduled.

Avoid getting your child(ren) expelled/dismissed for 'Non-Compliance' or 'NO-SHOWs' as it would be very difficult to find a good replacement Pediatrician who will take your child in. Most local Pediatricians' offices call your child's previous doctor's office to find out why you are transferring.

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