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Becoming a Patient
Generally, we accept new Patients who are seven (7) years of age and younger (or an average of not more than seven (7) years old for two or more siblings) who have Private Insurance Carriers, Georgia Medicaid and/or Tricare (Standard/ Prime) health insurance coverage, or on a 'Self-Pay' basis. //

'Getting-In' Process

The parents/guardians of the child(ren) who meet the above pre-requisite criteria should come to our office during office hours and accomplish our "Incoming Patient's Questionnaire" and sign the HIPAA compliant 'Medical Records Release Authorization' form to be able to transfer their child(ren)'s medical records from their previous physician to us.

We take very seriously our prospective partnership and long-term relationship in caring for your child(ren) that is why we invest valuable time & efforts to help make it work from the very start. For a couple of minutes on that same day when the incoming child(ren)'s parents/guardians visit to our office, our Practice Manager will meet and talk to the parents/guardians to briefly introduce Care-Well Pediatrics, LLC to them and if they have not yet done so, encourage them to check us out at our official company website - http://www.carewellpediatrics.com. Our office key policies & guidelines will then be discussed and the parents/guardians understanding & acceptance will be secured. When time would allow, we could then give the parents/guardians a tour of our clinic/office facilities and introduce them to our Care Providers whenever they are available. Before the end of the visit, the parents/guardians are then advised to expect a call from us, within a day or two, to inform them of the status of their desire to bring their child(ren)'s to Care-Well Pediatrics, LLC (C-WP). After we have confirmed your child(ren)'s acceptance to C-WP, we then fax or mail the signed 'Medical Records Release Authorization' form to their child(ren)'s previous Physician(s) to get/secure their needed medical records.

As soon as we receive the incoming Patient's medical records from his/her previous Physician, we will again call the concerned parents/guardians and schedule your child(ren)'s first visit to get established with us.

Expectant Parents / New Borns

Parents always desire the best possible care For their New born child. Before your baby Is born, we strongly encourage expectant parents To exercise due diligence by researching their forthcoming child's possible Pediatric Care Providers (i.e.: through official websites if available) and/or by background checking/asking around.

After you have chosen your forthcoming child's Pediatrician, secure a copy of the "Pediatrician Acceptance Identification" Card from your OB-GYN or at your chosen Pediatrician's office/clinic and have the said 'Card' signed by your chosen Pediatrician. Bring the said signed 'Card' with you when you come to the hospital to deliver your baby.

At Care-Well Pediatrics, LLC (C-WP), we accomplish And have our Pediatrician sign the said 'Card' after a brief meeting with our Practice Manager (if it was not done before) where he will introduce C-WP to the expectant parent(s) and discuss our office key policies and guidelines. After the expectant parents understanding & acceptance to these policies/guidelines are secured, the 'Card is then signed and given to the expectant parent(s).

Immediately after the baby's delivery, your chosen Pediatrician will see the baby for his/her 'newborn check-up' and hospital discharge. These first two in-patient hospital encounters, gets your baby established as a patient of Dr. Lirio E. Palmos, dba Care-Well Pediatrics, LLC.

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